I Have a Black Dog

I think this is one of the best explanation of what it’s like to have depression.

Like 16 million other Americans, I have clinical depression.  I attempt to hide this from most people because there is a certain stigma or people believe that a person can “just snap out of it.”  This video explains depression better than I can:

This is one reason I decided to cancel my Facebook account. There are numerous studies that report Facebook can exacerbate depression. I noticed the effect it had on me and stopped using it in December.


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  1. I am in the very same boat! I started backing off Facebook around the same time as you and realize I’m feeling so much better! I do check in occ because of the grandkids and my boys, but have severely limited my time there. I’m not on instagram though. Figure it’s just one more social media things I dont’ need to get hooked on. Hope you feel better. I know I am!

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