Evil is Smiling While Being White

WARNING: This post my anger you.

screenshot 2019-01-22 at 5.06.07 pm

The story about Covington Catholic students on a trip to Washington who allegedly disrespected and intimidated a Native American at the Lincoln Memorial has captured my interest. It has been eye-opening in so many ways.

When I first saw the clip of the young man “smirking” out of disrespect to an “elderly Native American man” who was simply performing a sacred ritual, I was disturbed.

I have to say I was more horrified to learn that this video snippet was only a tiny tip of the iceberg to the real story that has been coming out over the past few days.  One only has to watch the longer sections the videos to realize that the school kids were blameless in this fiasco.

Deeply disturbing was the call from social media to track down and “burn down the  school,” “punch this kid in the face,” and other calls for violence against this kid, his school, and his family.  They’ve been called racists for simply being white males. They were singled out by this known agitator, Nathan Phillips, to make an example of them and twist it around to make it look like the students were “beastly” and “dangerous.”

I think this hit home, literally, for me because Covington is a stone’s throw away from my hometown. I have family living in Covington. My father was a Kentucky Colonel.  People  have said that Covington Catholic is an “all white male school.” and is therefore a hotbed for white supremacy.  I am confident that Covington Catholic does not exclude people on the basis of race. It is more likely predominantly white because it is a CATHOLIC school in KENTUCKY, which, surprise, surprise, is a primarily white demographic.

Everyone seems to be hung up on this student-Nick Sandmann, as he’s been identified-and his “smirk” that he was standing and defiantly displaying in order to intimidate this poor helpless Native American man who was clearly just minding his own business. What a monster.

The only thing is, none of this is true. Nick, as it turns out, was not smirking, but, I feel, was nervously smiling because he was probably wondering what the hell was happening and who was this scrawny, snaggle-toothed crazy man and why was he banging a drum in his face and chanting?   Furthermore, why did Nathan Phillips single him out? It is painfully obvious that Nick is uncomfortable. I would stand there with a bewildered smile on my face too. People do that when they are nervous. Nick deliberately DID NOT do anything to engage Nathan Phillips. He did not gesture, he did not speak, he did nothing intimidating. The fact of the matter is, Nathan Phillips walked up to this group of students with his entourage, made his way to the middle of them, and his followers harassed the students, telling them to go back to Europe. This all happened right after the Black Hebrew lunatics spewed an onslaught of insults at the students. If Nathan Phillips was trying to stop things from getting out of hand, why did he not bang his drum in the faces of the thugs calling the students names?

At no time, evidenced in the videos, did the students harass the Black Hebrews. They gathered on the steps and did school cheers, trying to ignore them.

From another angle, you can see Nick Sandmann’s obvious discomfort. At one point, you can see him turn to a classmate who was being engaged by one of Phillips’ followers and signals to him to stop, don’t engage:

Nick Sandmann discouraging classmate from engaging with agitator

This incident has certainly put things into perspective for me and my views toward media and especially social media. I’m astounded that after all that’s been revealed over the past few days, that people are still siding with the race baiting Nathan Phillips and calling for the expulsion and even death of these students. It’s disgusting.

Well, what about the kids cheering and dancing around, supposedly mocking the Natives? I believe it’s a case of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” The kids were not mocking, but simply reacting to what they probably thought was a street performance. I can assure you, as a southern Ohioan, this fiasco was nothing short of circus for these students because crazy radical faux Israelites and drum-banging indigenous people do not drift in their circles. I truly believe they were overcome by the insanity of it all and reacted in a way that seemed disrespectful.

Then I saw a video of Nathan Phillips’ account of what happened and it was a total contradiction to what the videos showed. He lied through his rotting teeth to make himself look like a victim. The man is a piece of shit. He lied about being a Vietnam Vet (or didn’t bother to correct anyone.).  I would still like proof that he was even in the military and no Marine knows what the f*** a recon ranger is, as Phillips claimed to be. He’s not some Native American spiritual leader, but a lying self-serving race-baiting agitator.

These kids can’t go to school because of threats. People are harassing their parents’ workplaces. They are literally setting out to destroy these people’s lives for NO REASON except their inability to see reality because it doesn’t fit in with their belief system. It’s horrific.


  1. Tami, I am so happy that you addressed this. I stuck my neck out when some of my friends were railing on these kids. I just asked them what they saw that made these kids into monsters and that I had missed. OMIGOSH I was accused of disrespecting and hating the Indian culture and much more. (I worked on an Indian reservation for almost a year. The culture fascinates me and draws me in). I am sickened by the hate we see as a result of this incident.

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