Pack Trip to Trinity Alps

Monica really wanted to do a short backpack trip to the Trinity Alps for her birthday weekend.

We’ve tried to do a couple adventures on Monica’s birthday in the past. One time we couldn’t find the trail and ended up bushwacking and got nowhere. Then there was the mosquito infestation when we finally gave up and went to see Toy Story 3. Last year we tried to go to have a picnic on Mt. Ashland, only to have the road closed.  We decided to give it another go.

Monica is the real backpacker, so she carries the bear canister (or the biggest cookie jar on earth)

We drove to the trailhead outside Callahan, CA with Brady and Skye in tow on Saturday.


On the trail before it got steep
Brady and Skye, loving life
I told Monica she looks like a tinker.  Oh, and, I let the cookie jar list too much to the left.
Our sweet little camp spot where we had 24 hours of solitude
Our very diligent guard dogs. This lake is now ours.
We were utter failures at using a flint to start a fire, but thankfully we had our trusty Bic.


Trail Gulch Lake, serene in the morning.
Monica is so happy in her element. Finally, a successful birthday trip!
I amazed myself with this shot of the lake on Sunday morning.


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