A Taste of Ashland

Wow, we had a blast at the Taste of Ashland. Sixteen food/beverage/gallery venues in four hours. We started in the railroad district where we imbibed wines and Organic Nation vodka and gin and indulged in interesting cheeses and delicacies from Pasta Piatti at the Illahe Gallery. Then we meandered over to Gallery Karon where we chatted up the guys from Munchie’s, enjoyed a delicious coconut macaroon and a glass of muscat from Cuckoo’s Nest Cellars.

We were happily buzzed by the time we wandered over to the Ashland Artworks where we ran into and chatted with Sue and John, owners of Oak Street Station. We used to stay at their B&B before we moved here and they are most responsible for us relocating to Ashland. Sue gave us a big bag of her homemade cookies and we headed off to Main St.

Feeling very little pain at Adelante Gallery

We had a nice sample of salmon sushi from Kobe at Adelante Gallery, then across the plaza to American Trails Gallery where we ran into Monika, owner of Grilla Bites. We chatted with her about life while enjoying her soups and drinking wines from Longsword Vineyard. Finding out that she is recently single, we invited her to our dance class on Tuesdays and she invited us to try the ecstatic dance on Fridays and Wednesdays. The guy at the gallery admired our rings, asked us about the artist and decided to contact her about jewelry for his store.

We had some tasty mac and cheese and mushroom pate at Enoteca from Loft American Brasserie and learned about truffles. (the underground kind, not the chocolate kind).

We were three sheets to the wind before we staggered up Main Street and met some nice people in the Ashland Art Center, including the guy with the green pants.

Not quite sober enough to make it up the hill, we parked ourselves on the patio at Evo’s and hung out with the hippies.

This chick was an amazing juggler
A guy named “Yahoo” let Monica play his drum.

Finally, I dragged Monica up the hill. It was a beautiful and fun day.

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