Things were going too well

The day starting out well. sunny and beautiful. we went to capitol reef and did a hike to the cassidy arch. We intended to do more hiking but we thought we would take a break because it was so hot. We stopped at the campground bathroom for 5 minutes and when we returned the car would not start. We had no phone signal. the campground host let us use his phone to call AAA which turned into an hour long ordeal. A tow truck came and took our car to a town 30 miles away. No one can look at it until monday. we have reservations for a Jeep on monday evening in Moab 4 hrs away. We are bumming but are really glad we
weren’t on some remote road.





  1. I hope that your car’s problem is simple and easy, cheap to fix! Recently, we had to replace a battery that kept dying on us….daily! Got a free replacement from the store we bought it from, which fixed the nuisance, we had dealt with daily; may yours be as simple as that.

    Know the area well from my own trips through there. Enjoy it as you are once again, filling your life’s with indelible memories, circumstances and opportunities to learn and love each day for the gift it truly is.

    Hugs and love from us to You’s!

    Will & Sherrin

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