32nd Annual Old Timers Day

OTD2011_webflyer.jpgPreparations for our 32nd Annual Old Timers Day are in full swing. The smell of Autumn is in the air, the red and white tent stands out in our little river hamlet awaiting the arrival of our festival guests and for that September day the music comes alive!
Speaking of music here is a schedule of the bands that will be playing so you can plan your day however, I recommend not missing any of these bands.
1:00     Gunpowder Creek
2:00     Jake Speed and the Freddies
3:00     The Rabbit Hash String Band
4:00     Willie Eames
5:00     Keshvar Project
6:00     Shiny and the Spoon
7:00     Coralee and the Townies
8:00     G Miles and the Hitmen
9:00     Pure Grain
10:00  The Star Devils
Make sure to save September 3rd, 2011 as the date you are supposed to be in Rabbit Hash filling your soul with good music and experiencing a cornucopia of happy, smiling people. Please remember to carpool because parking is always challenging and please be respectful to locals when trying to find a place to park. Call the General Store for any questions you may have. Gearing up for you!!

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