Notes while Flying

Sitting on plane to Denver, next to a woman who insists on touching me whenever she speaks to me. Then another woman comes along with a boarding pass with the first woman’s seat. But does the woman next to me have sense to check her own pass? No. Bottom line I could be sitting next to a quiet person whio doesn’t root around in her humungous bag for a Twinkie every 5 minutes.

There is an adorable 13 year old cowboy with a black Stetson who was sitting in the exit row in front of me. They made him switch with an elderly woman because he was too young to be responsible for the exit row in case we crash in the Rockies. Actually I would trust the young cowboy more. He looks like he’s been busting broncos since he was 2. I’m sure he can open a door.

Here comes my complimentary cup of water.

My seat mate is reading an article on how to make a fried bologna sandwich.

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