Why the Tribune is a classless rag

As many of you know, Monica’s mom was involved in an accident in March a couple days after we put her father into a nursing home. We attribute the accident to her being distraught and emotionally exhausted since she has never had any problem with driving in the past. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough, the police released her name to the media (after they said they wouldn’t) and her humiliation was amplified. She went thorough medical and DMV testing and was found competent to drive.

Yesterday, another woman crashed her car into the side of the Umpqua Bank in Talent and what did the reporter at the Mail Tribune do? She called Emilia, at home,  to ask her if she was the one who ran into the bank! Emilia said, “No, I’m right here and my car is in the garage.” As if she had to explain to this reporter, who, instead of actually going out and investigating, decided to call and harass Emilia. Does this mean that any time a similar accident occurs, the media is going to blame Emilia? It’s ridiculous. I’m seething over the sheer gall and laziness of the Tribune.

Just when we thought this mess was behind us, the Tribune decided to bring up Emilia’s name and age once again, implying that she, like other drivers over a certain age, should not be driving at all.

I wrote to the editor of the paper. (Not that it will do any good since they suffer from an obvious character flaw and only care about selling their crappy rag of a paper.) :

Dear Editor,

Once again, your newspaper reported on the accident at the Talent Post office involving Emilia Wandro that occurred in March. The event was very devastating for Mrs. Wandro, who, just 3 days prior to the event had placed her husband of 50 years into an extended care facility for his end-stage Alzheimer’s. Prior to that day, Mrs. Wandro had been his caregiver for the past ten years. Before the event at the post office, she had a flawless driving record. Your article implies that Mrs. Wandro, along with other “elderly” people should not be driving at all. In fact, Mrs. Wandro has recently been retested and found to be competent by both her physician and the DMV. She was very humiliated by the whole experience and to make matters worse, your reporter called her AT HOME yesterday to ask if she was the one who ran into the bank building. This action was out of line and extremely unprofessional. Does this mean that every time there is an MVA in the area involving anyone over 65 years old you intend to call her, insult her and drag her name into a story that does not involve her? If your reporter was worth her salt, she would have investigated the accident at the scene instead of sitting in her office and phoning innocent citizens. We had no idea how lazy your reporters really are. It’s disgusting. Have them do their jobs and leave Mrs. Wandro alone. She’s been through enough without being harangued by your staff. 

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