Johnson and Johnson has recalled some Rolaids because there have been bits of wood and metal found in them. So, if you’re using Rolaids and are not getting any relief, it’s probably because you have shrapnel in your jejunum.




This is the best thing on earth: a dual control heated mattress pad. I can crank mine up to “8” and Monica can turn hers off at night. It warms up the bed before I crawl into it so I don’t have to shiver and try to get warm on my own. The best thing is no more freezing feet from someone else. I love this thing.











I want to see this movie. I know it’s going to make me long to go back to Venice. *sigh*

I have given Monica permission to begin playing Christmas music.  Yes, I rock.


  1. we will make it back to Venice! (ok–after getting you to Scotland to kiss the Blarney Stone) or is that in Ireland? No worries we’ll get you somewhere where you can drool over all the men in kilts.

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