Breakfast with a Serial Killer

After our weekend work stretch, Monica and I always go out to breakfast  to regroup. This week we decided to go to Brother’s in Ashland and were happy to find the seats at the bar by the window were open. As we were sitting, drinking our hot beverages, a man came in, carrying a shopping bag from Earthly Goods, a local women’s boutique. At first I thought it was a guy who’d been out doing some early Christmas shopping for his wife. He placed the bag on the chair and stood at the bar next to me. Then he started getting weird. He gave Monica a staredown. She greeted him, trying to decipher if he really was a whackjob. He mumbled something and began digging through his shopping bag. He pulled out a large sketchbook and opened it.
“Oh,” Monica mouthed to me. “He’s an artist.”

I turned to look at the guy and noticed the flak jacket, crew cut and the yellow tinted goggle glasses. I didn’t see what he was sketching until Monica’s eyes got wide. She motioned for me to look at what the guy was drawing.  He wasn’t drawing anything at all. Instead, he was writing the words F**k and Suck, over and over again across the page in colored pencil. He gave us another psycho glare and then began drumming his hands on the counter.

We deal with enough nutcases at work and I was in no mood for this nonsense so I picked up my plate and coffee and went to another table. I said to Monica, “There are body parts in that guy’s freezer, for sure.”  Then he went upstairs and demanded to have the female waitress take his order. He refused to have a man come to his table.  “It’s so he can study her to stalk and kill her later,” I said. I decided the Earthly Goods bag he was carrying was stolen from one of the women he had in his freezer. Truly, this guy was creepy beyond the usual weirdo.

Eventually, the manager asked him to leave.

So, if you’re a female in Ashland and see this freak, turn around and walk the other way.


  1. Creeeper, NOT-A-Keeper!! That would have freaked me out and I’m usually pretty good when it comes to “strange Strangers”. This guy needs to be run out of town, or better yet, locked up. “Shirley” there is something wrong with this wack-job!
    Glad you guys got away!!

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