A Challenge to Solid Rock Church

In a town called Monroe, Ohio, not far from where I grew up, there is a church that built a 62 foot sculpture of Jesus coming up out of a body of water with his hands outstretched toward heaven. It is visible from a main thoroughfare that goes from Detroit to Tampa.  It was built in 2004 by the Solid Rock Church. It inspires awe and wonder.  Here’s just an example:

A side note: the balloon pilot is my brother, Sean. I have no idea who the people on the ground are.  The official name for the structure is The King of Kings, but because of it’s unique coloring it has been dubbed “Big Butter Jesus” (because it looks like the butter sculptures at the state fair) or “Touchdown Jesus.”

Yesterday, Big Butter Jesus was struck by lightning. (You know. An “Act of God”) It then burst into flames reducing it to this:

The only thing that remains is the metal frame, that my brother now calls “Terminator Jesus.”

Does God have a sense of humor? Ironically, the Hustler store across the street from the church was spared.  Perhaps this is God’s way of saying: “You’re no Michelangelo” or perhaps He is saying “Stop wasting money on crappy art. I’m not impressed.” However, the Solid Rock Church has vowed to replace the $250,000 structure (2004 prices).

If a church was worth it’s salt, so to speak, perhaps it should consider spending the money on  a more practical, Christian-like endeavor, you know, like Jesus would do.

I’ve come up with just ten examples of what the Solid Rock Church could do with that extra money they seem to have lying around that will demonstrate what Jesus would more likely do:

1. Donate the money to help build this hospital
2. Give just 10% to meet Heal Africa’s goal
3. Provide clean drinking water for 12,500 people for 20 years
4.Rebuild homes for 208 families in Haiti
5. Protect children from sex trafficking

6.Help heal victims of rape

7. Help build homes in Appalachia

8.Provide 2900 farm animals to third world families

9. Provide anti-viral medications for the tuberculosis epidemic

10. Save 5000 acres of rain forest

But, of course, none of that will happen. They’ll probably just replace the monolithic eyesore with something even more hideous and each day that is spent reconstructing it, 30,000 people will die of starvation.

For more information how YOU can help, visit OneDaysWages.org

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