Help the Idiot

Time to play help the idiot. I know. This seems like it should be simple, but I am confused. I took Monica’s bike battery out and forgot how it goes back in. Duh.

Positive terminal

Red is positive. It goes on the positive terminal. Ok, got it.


Black is negative. I got that.


Then there are these dangling little bastards. What are they and where do they go??? Does one go on the neg and one on the pos? Help.

thank you. Please leave your comments below and don’t get cute.


  1. it looks like mark is right they should go to the positive. plus the worst thing that will happen is what they go to won’t work or you will blow a fuse. either which isn’t that bad.

  2. assuming that the bike is negative ground wired, most vehicles are, i think that it is very likely that the other wires are supposed to be hooked up to the positive. otherwise why run them to the battery at all, when there is negative connection anywhere on the frame. ymmv. good luck.

  3. Tami
    Asked my hubby and he has no idea so you may be up s.. creek.
    My advice, ggogle battery hook-up and whatever type of bike it is. You may get lucky. For future reference, always take a picture before you take it apart.
    Good luck

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