Falls on a Sunday

The Pack of Three at Sweet Creek Falls, OR

For all the hassle we went through trying to be beach campers, we were redeemed by finding two amazing hikes. After an amazing bacon and egg breakfast at the Kozy Kitchen in Coos Bay. (yeah, well, we’d been eating nuts, berries and dried meat for a few days)  we headed inland toward the trailhead. We were pleasantly surprised over the lush rainforest trail that lead to some pretty spectacular falls.

Golden Falls

We hiked to the bottom of Golden Falls, then to the top of Silver Falls. I’d have to say this is one of the gems of Oregon that we’ve discovered so far.

Ta at Golden Falls
Silver Falls
Silver Falls

Monica found another hike outside of Florence, OR that we decided to do that afternoon. We drove up 101, stopped in Winchester Bay and picked up a sandwich at a nice deli/bakery called the Windy Bay Bakery. We drove out past Mapleton, and found the Sweet Creek Trailhead.  It was a level, pleasant hike through green ferns and a mossy forest along Sweet Creek.  The creek actually offers numerous waterfalls.  This place is definitely worth a return trip.

One of the falls at Sweet Creek

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