Those Who Wander

Cascades in snow on Earth Day

Are not necessarily lost.

I created a cache to memorialize Cody. There were no caches near the dog park so I made a plaque and hid the cache on it. It’s called Cody’s Memorial Cache. It was published yesterday.

I took Samson out yesterday to find some caches along the Greensprings Highway and up onto Buckhorn Rd. I planned to pick up a cache near an old mining tunnel, but the road was gated off. Normally, I’d take other people with me, but I’m leary of wandering into the wilderness by myself. Samson is no protection whatsoever. So, I’ll have to go back and get that one with a couple of my Geobuds. It was pretty muddy in parts, but I got some nice views.

Beautiful cache site

The "GeoMobile" at Hyatt Lake

Somehow, I wandered up to Hyatt Lake where the snow was still on the ground. There was a cache I attempted to get but when I stepped off the road the snow came up over my knees. Samson, who really likes snow, decided wading though snow up to his snout was even too much for him.

I also managed to acquire a few ticks along the way. I took one off the back of my neck and found one crawling on arm. Later, when I got home and showered I found one trying to attach itself to my abdomen. I’ve also gotten a case of poison oak. I love geocaching! Then, this morning, I got a note from Monica that said she found a tick crawling on her shirt this morning. Oops. You lay down with dogs….

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