Canine Hospice

Just a bit of advice: Don’t try to overdose your dog and waste perfectly good drugs. Just sayin’.

It was a somewhat restless night last night. Monica and I had hopes that maybe, just maybe, the drugs would kick in with Cody. We thought about leaving him outside during the night, but I became too emotional about it and couldn’t stand the thought of him freezing to death and getting rained on. We carried him on his bed like a stretcher and put him in the laundry room. When we went to bed, we heard him barking, which was weird because the dog NEVER barks. We gave him some water with a syringe which he took enthusiastically. He would only stop whimpering and barking when we went back into the room. Monica ended up staying up until after 1am and he finally settled down. Unfortunately, she had to go to work this morning.

We got throught the night and Monica thought maybe he had died during the night, but when I got up at 7:45, he was still breathing. He’s pretty alert, which is amazing to me. He has not, literally, moved a muscle since yesterday. We carried him back out to the tree where he could lie in the sun and get some fresh air. Monica was troubled all morning, worried about leaving me here to deal with him while she went to work. I thought I could go on about my day and go out, but then he would start that barking and whimpering again until I went back outside. I’ve even hired Samson as a ‘nurse’ to keep an eye on him, but Cody seems to prefer me. *Sigh*

I tried to give him some aspirin in a piece of cheese, but he won’t take anything but water now. He won’t even eat the little snacks he was liking so much. (I don’t think he knows we tried to overdose him) I know. You’re probably wondering why don’t we just take him in and have him euthanized, but he’s peaceful here and loading him into the car to take him to someplace scary and clinical just to hasten his death seems out of the question for us. We really wanted him to just go peacefully, outside, at home with us and the other animals around.

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  1. I get what you’re saying about taking him to be put down but what about getting the vet to come out to you? Read “The art of racing in the rain”, I know it’s only a novel but it’ll really make you think about hanging on to them when they’re ready to go.

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