Canine Hospice, Cont

Our friends, Amanda and Danielle came over to keep me company this afternoon. Cody would bark and yelp whenever I went back into the house, even after leaving Samson outside with him. I finally resorted to staying at his side, but even then he was twitching and making sounds like a barking seal. I wasn’t sure if maybe he was in pain and I thought Monica might want to reconsider taking him in to have him put to sleep. I called her mom and talked to her first and then I called Monica at work. She said she would try to get off work so she could come home and see if he was in too much distress to let him stay home. I ended up grinding up some Tylenol and adding it to water and giving it to him. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if the Tylenol actually helped him to be more comfortable, but he didn’t make a sound the rest of the afternoon. The four of us spent the afternoon holding a vigil in the yard while Cody lay by quietly. I figured Monica would think I was nuts.

This evening we brought him back into the laundry room and he started yelping again. I thought I’d give him more Tylenol and then thought Benadryl might help him rest so I ended up going to the store and got some Advil PM gel caps. I squeezed the medication out and gave it to him with a bit of water. Now he is resting much better. I put a nightlight down there and turned on some soft music for him. I’m hoping relief will come during the night tonight.

One comment

  1. Our thoughts and empathy are with you as it is never an easy time to see you loved friend fade away. I am touched by all you guys try to do; any of us be that blessed in our time of passing.

    Our heart-felt sympathy and hugs are with you and your Cody; may he finally be released to puppy heaven to be without want nor need, but your loving care and presence.

    Will & Sherrin

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