Cerebral Ramblings

What is it about packaging? Seems like whatever I buy lately is packaged in something three times bigger than the item itself. Besides that, everything is hermetically sealed in plastic and you have to use a switchblade to get into it. I’ve tried using my bare hands when I really want to get into something, which is usually as soon as I get into the car because 70% of the time I have to take the item back to the store because it’s a piece of crap. Thei usually results in some type of laceration. The whole process is frustrating to me. Then I have a pile of useless waste and an unusable package in which to return the item if need be. How so they expect us to reuse, reduce and recycle if they make it so hard? For instance, I want to reuse my yogurt containers but the lids are now pieces of foil that don’t reseal so unless you want to use the empty container for a child’s juice cup you just have to throw it away. I could buy a different brand, but then I pay more money. That doesn’t make much sense.

Right now I am on a trail with the dogs and I picked one with a lot of mountin bikers. I wanted to see where everyone was going. I discoverd they are going DOWN. That means a hike UP for us and Cody is not digging it so much. I stopped to let him rest so he won’t drop dead. The dogs are oblivious to the bikes barreling down on their heads so I expect one of them to be creamed. None of them listen to me. Cody’s deaf and senile and the other two are just obstinate.

My doctor called to to me the results of that hideous biopsy I had last week. All is well. I’m as healthy as a horse so I’m just staying away from doctors and their great ideas. They want me to see an urologist and keep a diary of my bladder habits and measure my output. You must be kidding.Like that will be so practical working 12 hour shifts. Forget it.

I start a drawing class tonite. I’ve taken drawing classes before, and have tried to learn on my own since my artist friends insist that drawing is a skill that one learns as opposed to a gift one has. I beg to differ because I think one must have the gift to learn, which I sometimes think I must lack. At any rate, the classes get be back into practice.

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