Enchanted Forests

This is the weather that makes me blissfully happy. I could have easily taken the bike back out for another long ride, but opted to give the dogs a break and take them hiking up on the trails above our house.

Lots of mountain bikes today and I explored some trails I hadn’t been on before. This is the main road. No cars allowed. Hard to believe all this is about 3 miles from the house. My car is taking a beating because the ruts in the road up to these trails are about 4 feet deep, I swear. Cody was really dragging his backside today. Some days he does great. Other days, not so much.

Is it any wonder I find poison oak on mostly unseen parts of my body? I love playing in the woods. Sorry about the branch. You try self-portraits in the woods. At least it focused on me.

Back to work tomorrow. It’s going to be even more gorgeous and I’m wishing I had the day off to go riding. *sigh*

Tuesday evening begins my 6 week drawing class.

I’m digging AOL Radio.

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