Spring? Really? Or Are you Just Kidding Again?

Finally! A perfect day. Sunny. Mid 70’s. Low wind. Dusted off the Wing, hopped on and just kept riding. Spent nearly 5 hours cruising various backroads of the Rogue Valley.
Cleverly, I managed to photograph myself in front of Mt. McLoughlin (yeah, that peaky little white thing)

Bad news is that I went to get my debit card out of my wallet and it wasn’t there. Panic. What on earth did I do with it? Did I carelessly shove it into a pocket? I last saw it on Thursday so when I came home from my ride I rummaged through every pair of pants, shirt and coat I’ve worn in the past few days. No go. Finally had to call the bank and after numerous attempts and aggravating key punching finally reached a person. I’ll be getting a new card in the next week or so. Terrific.

Had a good time at the concert last night. Never thought so much music could come out of a violin and a cello.

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