Czech Me Out

Wow, I’m beat.

Don’t you hate when people do the exact annoying thing as you predict they will do even when you secretly hope they won’t and surprise you? Yeah, me too.

Yesterday morning I got up at 4:15am and took Monica to the airport for her trip to Prague. She’ll be gone a week, just long enough to acclimate to the time change and get her bearings. Apparently, the plane ride took a bit of a toll on her and she spent some time getting acquainted with the little white bag. She’s happy with her guesthouse where she is staying in the Old Town of Prague. Everyone at work is wondering why she’s in Prague. Her daughter, Kate, is over there studying for a semester so she thought she’d take advantage of it. Meanwhile, I’m home, working and tending everyone’s animals. I couldn’t go to Prague because I got to have an angiogram instead, which was way more fun than any trip to Europe, I’m sure. ha

The other fun thing I did this week was to go and have an endometrial biopsy. Never mind why, but let’s just say I was anxious about it all week. Monica had to work and I didn’t want to wait until she got back from Prague to have it done so I went in on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday was the day the weather was the worst, snowing and sleeting. My friend, KC, offered to pick me up because I planned to take a pain pill beforehand because the biopsy I had one other time hurt like hell. I told KC that I’d walk to town and she could pick me up on the plaza, not far from where my doctor is. I had a stash of drugs from previous injuries that I never used. About 20 minutes before my appointment I took Valium 5mg and 1mg of Dilaudid. Unfortunately, my appointment ran a bit early and my meds didn’t kick in all the way. I wonder if gynecologists have ever been kicked in the chest when they do that procedure. I have to say it hurt way worse than it did the first time I had it done. Then she took a small brush to the inside of my cervix for good measure. Afterward, I went to the waiting room where KC was reading a book and I said, “Clearly, I undermedicated.” So that was fun.

After I took Monica to the airport I took a nap then ran some errands. In the afternoon I took the dogs above the reservoir for a run. Cody opted to stay in. I think he’s still recovering from his hike last week. He’s been having trouble with stairs and his legs buckle once in a while. He decided to stay on his bed while the other 2 dogs went out. Also, his cancer is growing its own brain. I’m waiting for his tumor to talk to me. Then, just as I was settling in for the evening, wondering how to entertain myself, the phone rang. It was the staffing secretary asking me to come into work to cover a couple of sick calls. For bonus money, I went in and helped out until midnight.

Tomorrow night I’m going to a concert to see Alasdair Fraser,
a Scottish violinist. The rest of the weekend is mine, mine, mine. I don’t plan on answering the phone. I just want peace and quiet.

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