Plan Number One for Solving the World’s Problems

There is a major flaw in humans. Well, there are many flaws in humans, but I believe if this one flaw was altered, then many other flaws would fall by the wayside. This one flaw is a human’s ability to reproduce indiscriminately. There is no way that being able to breed by the age of 12 is a good idea. Ok, I understand that a human life expectancy used to be 40, but that’s another issue. I am proposing a complete resign of human reproductive capacity. Every human on earth would be born with a non-functional reproductive system. I am not proposing an elimination of secondary sexual characteristics or sexual activity, but just the potential for offspring. As a human develops intellectually, emotionally and financially, he/she could opt to have the reproductive system activated by say, a small anatomical switch which could only be accessed through an extremely painful procedure. Of course, proof that this particular human is not a total nutjob (ie Octomom) would be necessary. As I see it, this redesign would eliminate unwanted pregnancies, wipe out abortions, and would give those humans who prefer to remain “child-free” the ability to do so. On the other hand, it would guarantee absolute fertility to those who chose to have children. Depending on one’s perspective, the reproductive capacity would automatically switch off after an allotted amount, depending on the parents’ ability to adequately raise the child or children. I know, there are a few bugs to work out. How to decide who should have more kids, blah blah. Personally, I think two is a good number, one to replace yourself and one to replace your partner. Any more is just vain. But, that’s just my opinion. I have none because my paycheck already contributes to the raising of other irresponsible parents who thought they had a “right” to have children. Things change constantly. I’m working on this as well, so please be patient. Ideally, it would guarantee that each child born is wanted and will be cared for properly. I know that some of you are just shuddering at the thought of this because had this design been established before 1950, most of us wouldn’t be born.

Comments? Suggestions?

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