More Randomness From Me

Twister Injures 28

When I read this headline this morning, I thought it meant 28 people were hurt playing Twister. It’s a tornado. Call it a tornado.

Few People Have a Bigger Ego than Ilene Chaiken

I’m not sure anyone but a handful of us watched “The L Word.” Not only did it have one of the the worst series ending show in history, but now producers expect us to log onto a website to watch what they’ve called “interrogation tapes,” which is supposed to tie up so many of the loose ends that the show left dangling in the breeze, including who killed the character, Jenny. Each tape consists of a police interview with each of the individual characters of the show. They’re ridiculous. Firstly, they ask questions you would never hear in a police interrogation. It would be better if they had set each character in a confessional and allow them to ramble on as they do about completely irrelevant topics. I watched ONE tape so far. The clincher is that only one tape will be unveiled per week, an attempt by Ilene Chaiken, “L Word” producer to string former (and I do emphasize former) viewers along with her self-indulgent ego game. If you absolutely must get sucked into this mess, tune in at

Another Reason why God Bombards Florida with Natural Disasters

Nancy Grace’s newest rampage is against the father of a missing girl in, yes, of course, FLORIDA. The father has custody of the girl and her siblings because the mother was declared unfit because she was a crackhead. The child turned up missing while she was under the care of the father’s 17 year old girlfriend who, when interviewed, can’t give a straight answer about anything. In fact, she looks like she’s been pithed. Meanwhile, as the search for the missing child continues, the father marries the idiot girlfriend and life goes on. The news shows images of these two wastoids wandering around what looks like the county fair, smoking cigarettes. Now there are allegations of abuse reported by the now “clean and sober” mother. What a shock.

And now for some good news
For years we’ve been told that we are closely related to the chimpanzee. Recent studies have linked us more closely to dogs than to chimps. Dogs have cooperation, attachment to people, understanding human verbal and non-verbal communications, the study states. Researchers believe that since humans and dogs have shared living quarters for over 15,000 years that they may think alike. I know many of my dog-loving friends would agree, as one researcher puts it, “pet dogs can be regarded in many aspects as ‘preverbal infants in canine’s clothing'”.

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