Pope Benny Keeps AIDS Epidemic Strong in Africa

Cameroonian President Paul Biya, left, walks with Pope Benedict XVI at the airport in Yaounde, Tuesday.
There are 22 million people infected with the HIV in Africa. The infallible pope wants to make sure that statistic continues to rise as he has, once again, reinforced the ban on condoms. The pope is hoping that Africa can quickly surpass its nearly 12 million orphans due to the AIDS epidemic by the end of 2009, which may be difficult to maintain since about 1.5 million people die from AIDS in the region per year.

The pope has said that the ban on condom use is a “clear and moral prohibition,” whereas educating people and helping to abate a deadly disease is not.

The Catholic Church is quick to remind us that they are probably the largest private provider of HIV care in the world. The monies for the care help to maintain the opulent lifestyle to which the Pope is accustomed and helps to alleviate the guilt the church has for helping to maintain the AIDS epidemic.

Source: CNN.com

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