Happy St. Patrick’s Day

And a few random thoughts.

I keep hearing how the world is such a terrible place and how it’s getting worse. No it’s not. It’s been like this forever. Our parents lived during WWII and Hitler, they had polio, and the Depression, black and white TV, and one pair of shoes. I was born in the 60’s. We had Vietnam, the Kennedy assassinations, race riots, Pol Pot, the Cold War, and communism. Things aren’t worse now. Whackjobs with guns are not a new phenomena. Charles Whitman stood in a belltower in 1966 and killed 14 people and injured several others while firing his gun randomly for an hour and a half. Today, everything is just constantly televised. People have been doing horrible and cruel things for generations. We just didn’t hear about them because we didn’t have sensationalized 24 hour “news” coverage of every single thing that occurred in the world at any given moment. We’re bombarded with nonsense we would never have known about 20 years ago. We believe reality shows are real.

And no one wants to take responsibility for their actions or life choices. It’s always someone elses’ fault. McDonald’s doesn’t warn people that the coffee in the cup is actually hot. Cha-ching! Cigarettes give you cancer and emphysema. Who knew? Tobacco companies should pay for my choices to smoke if I get sick. Has anyone thought to sue Smith and Wesson?

The “law” has decided to press charges against Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend and two of her doctors for supplying her with medications that killed her. As I see it, another case of a person not taking responsibility for one’s actions. As a health care professional the lastest drivel pounded in to me is that “pain is subjective.” We are obligated to relieve pain. We see it 50 times a day in the ER. People believe they should have no pain because we tell them they should not have pain. They demand medications and we have to, by law, give them. We know they’re addicts. We know people believe that being high is synonymous with being “painfree.” Granted, there are people who have real pain. What kind of “pain” did Anna Nicole have that she needed all this pain medicine? Did she have crippling arthritis? Cancer? Ebola? Sickle cell? What physical pain could she have been experiencing? Her dresses were too tight? I doubt she had any physical pain. Ever.There may be more motive to supplying Anna Nicole Smith with 600 different tablets of pain killers and sleeping meds. I imagine the people around Anna Nicole could tolerate being around her more when she was drugged. Have you been around addicts who don’t get their drugs? They’ll make you want to kill yourself. Seriously. So, if Anna Nicole was withdrawing and screaming that she’s “in pain” her doctor was obligated by this “pain is subjective” crap to meet her needs. The bottom line is that Anna Nicole chose to take narcotics for numbing emotions, not treating physical pain and the subsequent withdrawal of those drugs actually did create physical pain and that spiraled into her need for more and more and higher and higher doses of medication.

Anna Nicole’s Menu of Recreational Treats:

  • Methadone – pain relief
  • Robaxin – muscle relaxer
  • Dalmane – sleeping pill
  • Cipro – treats infection
  • Topamax – for seizures and migraines
  • Paxil – sedating anti-depressant
  • Valium – muscle relaxer for anxiety
  • Dilaudid – pain relief
  • Morphine – more potent pain relief

What is the deal with Florida? Why are kids always being murdered in Florida? Why is Nancy Grace so incredibly annoying?

Have you seen these lately? They used to be the size of marble shooters. Now they’re the size of peas. They should change their name to Whimpers.

Where’s my bailout? Automakers and banks get trillions of our tax dollars because they’re greedy and irresponsible while the rest us decide which day of the week we can afford to eat meat on.

Octomom. Still irritating me.

I’m going out for green beer.

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