A Few Thoughts for Today

I was out and about and saw a bumper sticker on a big white pick-up truck that said:
Hug a Logger and You’ll Never go Back to Trees
It struck me as odd until I realized the play on words was referring to Treehuggers, a group with which I identify. It’s hard living in an area that once relied heavily upon the lumber industry and the decline of said industry is part of why Oregon is in such financial distress. If it wasn’t for those damn treehuggers…..as it goes. I can tell you that every self-proclaimed treehugger is not living in a mud hut. There has to be a balance in everything. I didn’t intend to get into a dissertation about logging, it’s just that the bumper sticker struck me as funny.

In other news, my mom has a birthday tomorrow. I made her a birthday webpage because I am the quintessential geek: Happy Birthday Mom! I get to see her next week as we will be spending some quality time in Las Vegas.

This Facebook thing has bitten me and I have exposed Monica to it as well. She swore she’d never get on, but then she discovered she could connect with old friends and family and now she’s kind of hooked. I have connected with family members as well and some old friends I went to high school with and worked with in various places. The whole thing is kind of weird because it sometimes conjures up things that are better left unconjured. (I doubt that’s grammatically correct. ) It’s fun because it makes it much easier to be a social recluse, which I am tending to be. I may come out of it eventually.

I’m really ready to get on my bike and keep riding. I’ve gotten a taste of it this week when I took Monica out for a ride and we ended up just wandering the back roads for 2 hours. I’m glad Monica hasn’t abandoned riding with me for riding her own bike completely.

I’m getting nervous about next week. My angiogram is scheduled for March 3. I know there’s nothing to worry about, but it’s just the whole process…getting naked, giving blood, more needles, being bummed out because no one can ever get an IV into me easily, general anesthesia, keeping my leg straight for hours on end, puking because I can’t tolerate anesthesia, and the fact that I will most likely be on my period during the whole mess. I know. You didn’t want to hear that, but it just adds to the joy of it all. My uterine timing is impeccable. Sorry, I’m whining. Maybe the stents are fine. Maybe it’s too soon to go back, but then when I stretch or go to the bathroom everything goes black then I think maybe there’s something wrong. Then I worry that it’s too closed off to fix. I guess this will be the barometer to tell me when I actually need to have this procedure done again. I was originally scheduled to have the angiogram tomorrow, but I didn’t want to do it on my mom’s birthday. I thought that would be a crappy way to spend her birthday. She probably wouldn’t complain because she’d get to see me. How bad is that?

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