Desert Caching

You’ve probably seen a bulk of the pictures from our Arizona trip, but I have to show you how and where we found the coolest geocache we’ve come across. We went out into the desert, following our coordinates until we came to a gate which we were instructted to open. We went through with the black Chrysler rental car and began to descend a very rutted, rocky and dusty road. We stopped at the top of the hill and I said, “We’d better hoof it from here; we’ll never get the car out again.”

We wandered around for a bit and then saw a strange area surrounded by stakes with skulls mounted on them.

We got closer and found an old and weathered coffin. I gingerly opened it, not because I was afraid of finding a body, but because I was afraid of finding rattlesnakes.

This is what we found when I opened up the coffin. Between the skeleton’s femurs lay an ammo box that contained the cache.

Here I am, rummaging through the ammo box.

Monica, very happy about our find.

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