Tamale Day A Success

We thought we’d have to cancel Tamale Day due to the weather. Monica and I were in possession of all the corn husks, 20 lbs of masa, 5 lbs of lard, 3 large bottles of oil, salsa, tequila, a 10 lb pan of flan (ok, not quite), 2 large pots with lids, a steamer, and various other items. Because we live on this lovely hill which remains covered in ice we thought it best not to have the other folks risk coming here and breaking a hip or a neck so we all went to Monica’s mom’s house. We gathered up everything and loaded it into our car and made it down the icy slope.

After we managed to get the masa into the consistency we liked, we managed to make around 170 tamales of various types (sizes and shapes, as it turns out). I finally got the knack after rolling about a dozen or so. To the chagrin of everyone else, Monica and I made our masa with corn oil, while the rest, to our horror, used lard. They didn’t want to use the pristine white lard we got. Instead they opted to use this tan clotted animal adipose that came in a plastic tub that they got at the Mexican grocery. We could barely look at it.

Now we have tamales coming out of our ears.

Monica says she can’t wait to do it again next year. I’m thinking every 2 years would be good. We’ll probably have tamales in the freezer this time next year.

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