From Home

This is the view from my house this morning. It’s been snowing since yesterday morning. When we decided to move here the locals said they occasionally get a “dusting” of snow during the winter. HA! I feel like I’m back in Ohio. Worse yet is that I’m surrounded by native Californians who think this is just faaaaabbbbulooous!
The cats feel the same way I do. Typically, every morning they ask to be let out onto the deck where they do cat things. Today, they approached with much trepidation:

We made it out last night to go to the concert. Apparently, the weather has to be pretty bad to keep northwesterners cooped up. People were out pushing strollers in the snow. I’m sure the kid loves it. We went to see Gypsy Soul
and their Christmas concert. It was wonderful. Their renditions of Christmas songs are so beautiful.

I have to get out to the store to buy a “pork butt” because on Wednesday we are hosting the 1st annual La Familia Bustamante Tamale Fiesta. I am so very scared. I think the whole thing was my idea, but I must tell you, Appalachians don’t make anything this difficult!

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