My Big Surprise

My last work stretch was less than fun. I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say I was happy to be off on Tuesday of last week. I decided to stay home and make a new recipe, a winter root vegetable stew. Monica told me she had an errand to run at 5pm. I was busy making the stew, hacking up turnips and squash when Monica returned. She came into the kitchen and said hello and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone come in after her. No one said anything and all of a sudden I saw my parents standing in my kitchen. It was rather surreal and my first thought was that they were ghosts coming by to say goodbye. Then I thought, “crap, both my parents are gone.” Then they spoke, but they weren’t saying “goodbye”; they were saying “surprise.” Monica had known since Halloween that they were coming but I have NO CLUE.
Apparently, they didn’t tell anyone they were coming because they didn’t want anyone to slip up and tell me about it.

The weather turned out to be great, so we had a wonderful time. We drove up the coast on Friday and spent the night in Yachats, at our favorite little motel a block from the beach. We took them up to Cape Perpetua where the above picture was taken.

Me, my mom and dad at the shelter along Cape Perpetua.
Me, being the geek that I am.

I introduced my parents to geocaching, since it is my newest addiction. My dad thought it was just OK and tolerated us stumbling through the woods searching for caches, but my mom got into it pretty seriously. I think she may have a new hobby. She doesn’t give up and found quite a few of them herself.

This is me emerging from the “hole in the wall,” a small cave along the roadside by the Rogue River. I had to climb the rocks and entered this tiny, but deep cave. It was too dark to see so my dad brought me a flashlight and I found the cache tucked in the rocks in the very back.

Me, Monica and Samson the hambone sitting at the overlook of Rainie Falls.

Me and my mom at Cape Perpetua.

We spent one day exploring Jacksonville and took the Harry and David tour in Medford. Then we bought a bunch of high caloric goodies.

I took my mom and dad out to the Jebediah Smith Redwood Forest another day. We traveled through on this winding dirt road that goes through the park.

I had a really good time and I’m glad they decided to surprise me by coming out. The time went to fast and we couldn’t do all the things we wanted to do. 
Thanks for a great time, mom and dad. I love and miss you.

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