A Letter to No One In Particular…

…but You Know Who You Are, (or maybe you don’t…which makes it even sadder. )

I have a real pet peeve about email. I get email forwards all the time. Daily. In abundance. Mostly from people who otherwise don’t write an email to say “boo” or “drop dead” or “how are ya?” I’m sure I’m not special in this circumstance. Most of what I get is basically propaganda of the right wing variety. Clearly, many of you are not paying attention. Perhaps I have not been clear on my political leanings. Or maybe I have been clear and it is these folks’ intentions to steer me upon a path they deem more holy. Either way, it’s not working for me. Nope. Not one bit.

I am 45 years old. I have 2 college degrees. I’ve lived and worked in many places and have met people from every facet imaginable. I know Christians, Jews, Pagans and Buddhists. I know people who are black, white and every color in between. I know hippies and white collar executives, doctors and lawyers. I’ve traveled many parts of the world. I’ve talked to a lot of people and listened to a variety of viewpoints ranging from socialized medicine to talking with angels. I’ve looked death in the face. I’m not a child. I’m not stupid and I’m not naive.
Let me try to clear up a few misconceptions about who I am and the delusions image you may have of me.

I am gay. I know there are whispers and “disapproval.” It’s old and tired. I make no apology. I owe no explanation. It’s not a disease. I’m not mentally ill and it wasn’t a choice. There is no argument. If you’re not living my life, you have no say. I don’t approve of a lot you’ve done either. It’s a big reason I live on the west coast. No one cares. In fact, my relationship is supported and treated like anyone else’s. It’s refreshing not to have to defend myself. Yes, I will fight against anyone who wants to make me a second class citizen. Yes, I will talk to you about it if you’d like. No, I won’t discuss my sex life. No, I don’t find “fag” jokes funny.

I’m an avid loather of George W. Bush and his cronies. I have been since the turn of the century, when he stole the first election. The second time he was elected I actually looked into Canadian citizenship. It’s just too damn cold there.

I have been against the war since it started. Please don’t tell me that it’s a “war against terrorism.” Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. It was the Saudis, the people that GWB is in bed with. He never intended to catch Osama bin Laden;he only wanted retaliation against Saddam Hussein over the Gulf War. Now we’re in a quagmire for who know how long because the government doesn’t want to “surrender.” 4189 military have died so far. 160 of those are from self-inflicted injuries. Over 30,000 have been wounded. Meanwhile we’ve spent

…oh, I can’t even keep up.

Oh and Vietnam? Still Communist

All I hear is whining about how “democrats are going to raise our taxes….” Um, helloooo? Where do you think the money for this war comes from?
Seriously, I don’t want to hear it. That’s the only argument I hear. Oh, and people complaining about those godless liberals who want to legalize gay marriage and abort babies. I ask myself why these are even political issues. Funny how some people think the only people who know God are those who tote guns and support war, all the things that are the extreme antithesis of Christ taught. Hypocrites. I have no use for them.

And this crap about Obama being a Muslim terrorist is weak. If you want to dissect the names of political candidates, let’s take a look at the name MCCAIN.
“Mc” is an Irish prefix meaning “son of”
Cain was Abel’s brother who murdered him. Cain was the first murderer.
McCain means “son of the first murderer.”
Oh, but that’s ridiculous, right?
But the fact is McCain will be a killer because he wants to keep this war going until we “win.” He’s killing brothers, fathers, sons, daughter, mothers, and sisters every day.
How will we know when we “win”? When Iraq has a “democracy”? The real war is a civil war with the Sunnis and the Shiites that has been going on for 7000 years. I suspect that McCain will keep us there for that long.

OK, I’m against the war. Get it?

I support the troops. I support the bringing of them home. And, my fear is that they will reinstate a draft and I have a 15 year old nephew that I’m not thrilled about being dragged into this war…or any other, for that matter. I don’t know.

Another thing: Don’t tell me to go pick something up at Walmart. Walmart is a monster hellbent on destroying free enterprise.
If you need a more visual explanation, I give you my dear friend, Henry:
Why Walmart is Evil

If you’re pissed off by reading this post, you may be the one.

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