My Yearly Injury

I can’t believe it’s Halloween already.
A couple of days ago I was in the backyard, wearing my big old Ugg boots, with the dogs for their morning elimination. I was focused on herding Cody up the stairs. He’s deaf, old and slower than ever. He’s become a skinny flatulent old man. Probably the ass cancer isn’t helping. Anyway, I caught my boot on the edge of a concrete slab and landed *SMACK* right onto my face. No warning. No breaking of the fall. Just BAM. Actually, my face came to a skid along the concrete, scratched a deep gouge in my glasses and sheered off part of nose and upper lip. Yeah, it’s beautiful now. Just in time for the holiday. I don’t even need a mask. And somehow I also hit my knee. I was distracted, at first, by the blood dripping off my face to notice it until an hour later my knee swelled up the size of a softball, filling with fluid. In short, I’m a mess.

Cody did quite well at the beach last week in spite of his ever-growing ass cancer.

I’m all wet because I had to rescue my goofball dog from the rocks. He thinks he can climb.

Another geocache, at the beach.

While I’ve been housebound, I worked on my website. Check it out:

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