San Francisco

We took a short trip to San Fran this past week. We’re only an hour further than we were when we lived on the coast. We stayed at our usual hotel in North Beach. We did a few things we hadn’t done before.
The California Academy of Sciences reopened this past September and we decided to check it out. We stood in line for over and hour because it was “free day.”

A little visitor came to see us.

A couple of tree frogs.

Outside the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. Afterwards we did a little geocaching, where I discovered that urban caching isn’t my strongpoint. Monica found most of the caches, but I did find a couple on my own when we separated for the day on Thursday.

I liked this sculpture of these cherubs acting like…well…cherubs. Who knew they sucked the heads of large insects?

The “N” train comes through the Sunset Tunnel, close by to where I found a cache.

We had dinner at Cha-Cha-Cha’s in Haight, where we had more sangria!

A stunning dahlia at the Conservatory in Golden Gate Park.

Monica set us up to go on a ghost tour of San Francisco. We joined about 25 other people for a tour that started in the Queen Anne Hotel in Pacific Heights.
Waiting for the ghosts to appear.
Orbs? Some paranormal experts believe they could be spirits.

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