Klamath Falls

It’s hard to believe there really isn’t any good Thai food in Ashland. We actually travel over to Klamath Falls to go to Thai Orchid on Main St. Believe me, it’s worth the trip.
We thought we’d take the motorcycle, but then we realized it would be way too cold for higher elevations and the high in K Falls was going to be 48.

We took advantage and did a little…what else?…caching.

Guess what popped up at one of the caches. Not funny. Nearly scared her to death.

Later I made her drive over a rather rugged and rocky road and then traipse up to this cache. Maybe we didn’t take the optimal path, but I found the cache:

Fun for the whole family. Dogs LOVE caching.

See? Wasn’t it worth the little hike?

Dedicated cacher. First snow of the year for us.

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