What’s It All About, Alfie?

We came across this lovely creature while we were out and about yesterday. He was apparently dressed for a birthday party. I doubt he was having that good of a time, in spite of his festive attire.

Went to see Religulous last night, the Bill Maher documentary on religion. Pretty much said what I’ve been thinking for a while. It may be offensive to 88% of the country.

Oh, and if I ever hear the word “Maverick” again as long as I live, I may barf.
I just can’t think of James Garner the same way.

I’ve been asked to clear up a few things about geocaching.
What is it?
It’s a worldwide game. People involved in it sign up with a website, usually geocaching.com, create a username, and then use the site to find hidden “caches.” Caches are containers that hold a small book or paper log. Some caches contain small trade items, such as toys, trinkets, charms, coins. Usually the items are not valuable so it’s not like we’re out looking for a million dollars. Like I said, it’s a game. People come up with ingenious ways to hide things.

Can you spot the cache in this tree? It’s a camo envelope and it’s bungeed to the branch. When you find a cache, you sign the log with your user name and date. Sometimes there are special trinkets for “First to Find” AKA FTF. Some caches contain “travel bugs” or Geocoins, which are trackable by way of a number attached to them. People put them out there in hopes that they will travel to a particular destination. They can track their progress online.
Anyway, it’s a fun way to get out and about, explore areas, and find new places you didn’t know existed. And the dogs love it. Now I want to cash in my burrs.

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