My Life so Far

Where on earth have I been, you may be wondering. (or not). Well, I have been out geocaching. Thanks a lot to Kris and his family who have created a new monster. I now have a new addiction. I even have a raging case of poison oak. I used to to get poison ivy as a kid so I didn’t think it was a big deal. Well, I have to say, poison oak is 10 times worse. I need new skin. It’s not keeping me from going out and finding new caches. Yesterday, I hit my number 100!

Here I am with one of the caches from yesterday.

Doing my time at work when I have to. Nothing exciting to report on that front.
Fall is definitely in the air. We’ve had our first rain that we’ve had in months, it seems.

Last night we went to see Gypsy Soul, a wonderful local duo. We were invited by them because of the support we give them on
These folks are amazing. Check out their website.

M and I plan to head to San Fran for a few days after our next work stretch. Can’t wait.

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