How Stupid Are We?

“Body of Bigfoot”

Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer are probably the biggest twitwads of the new millenium. Did anyone ever, for a single moment, believe those two morons in Georgia found Bigfoot? What kind of idiots think they can pull this kind of stunt and actually be taken seriously for the rest of their lives? There are good pranks and there are incredibly sophomoric pranks and I, for one, cannot believe this actually got media coverage, which speaks volumes about our combined mentalities, I suppose. This joke ranks right up there with putting saran wrap over the toilet bowl when your drunk friends stumble into the dorm.

What amazes me even more is that the scientific community took this issue seriously based on a couple of doofuses sending low quality photographs and a sample of opposum hair! Hello?? Not even in the same animal classification! If you have the body of Bigfoot, produce the body for examination. Now there’s some question as to whether this joke is a crime. I don’t know. The term FRAUD comes to mind. But the guy who paid them $57,000 for a frozen monkey suit should have a big “S” tattoed to his forehead for SUCKER. Would you get on TV and admit you’re that dumb?

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