Just nuts next time

Isn’t my hair great? That is some serious hair product that lasts this long, no?

I am alive, but not so well. I am, actually, feeling like a huge sack of mucoid hacking crap. Also, someone has apparently beaten me with a club and shoved burning pokers into my sinuses. I sleep a lot, which is good, but I’m hating this now. I want to wake up and be well. I am starting to give up hope of ever feeling better. After working my weekend, I came home and have contracted some sort of disgusting flu and have been bed/couch bound since Tuesday.
“Who gets the flu in June??” Monica wants to know.

So, I have to say that I’ve missed everyone’s birthday and probably father’s day. I haven’t really forgotten. I’ve just been way-layed. So, I’m a lousy aunt, daughter, cousin and friend. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I thought I should arise and let you know that I am still here. Monica made me some brownies to help to make me feel better. As hard as I tried, I was unable to dissect this long hair from one of the brownies:

Oh, the joys of mammalianism.

I am very unhappy about this illness because 1)I’m off work 2) the weather has turned fabulous and 3) I’m afraid I may miss the event I’ve been waiting to go to all year.

Our biggest life obstacle these days is deciding what color to paint the house. We have gone through pretty close to every color of the spectrum and the garage door now looks like some drunken grandmother’s quilt. Right now, the house is Gray, so any color will be an improvement.

Stay well!

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