This is the Best Idea I’ve Seen in a Long Time

I wish we lived in a safe and certain world, but we don’t. Things happen. If you’re a cyclist, jogger, kayaker, motorcyclist, whatever, safety is a plus. I was recently introduced to RoadID.
It comes in a variety of styles: wrist bands (which is what I have), shoe pouches, ankle ID, and Supernovas. Road ID has a metal tag on it with an 800 number and a website that can link medical personnel to all your vital information: medical history, contacts, allergies, medications, anything you want to add to your personal profile. As an ER nurse, I think this is an amazing, long overdue concept. Personally, I think everyone should have one of these ID’s, but they are invaluable to those of us who are out and about, doing the things we love.
Check it out. Your loved ones and your medical providers will thank you.

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