An Open Letter to the OSU Football Team

Dear OSU Football Team,

I am an Ohio State Alumus. I have supported you, cheered you on, held out hope for you. I’ve proudly displayed my Scarlet and Grey. I even have a Gray car to commemorate my pride in the Ohio State tradition. It has been a year since you allowed Florida to crush you, much to the humiliation of the many thousands of Alumni across the nation, yea, dare I say, the world. You started out so strongly, scoring a touchdown. You sparked hope, joy, and pride in our hearts. And then, like a ridiculous team of rookie pee-wee players, you floundered, stumbled, and allowed the Gators to strip you of your pride, your dignity, and your championship. After a year, I think I can speak for many Buckeyes, we still grieve that loss. It’s especially hard to be living so far away from home turf, where Buckeyes are few and far between. I stayed, alone, until the bitter, painful death, drunk and defeated only to watch the Gators celebrate what should have been yours.

This year, I knew you could pull through. I knew that the last year’s humiliating defeat only made you stronger. For the first 2 minutes of the game, when Chris Wells ran 65 yards for that touchdown, I felt even more confident that you were going to be the National Champions. Then you all got cocky, as you often do. Sadly, that was the highlight of the nearly 4 hours of excruciating embarrasments, penalties, sacks, and turnovers and numerous other blunders that, amazingly, strongly resembled the game of 2007. It didn’t work for you last year, yet you attempted the same maneuvers again. If Jim Tressel had gouged out one of his own eyes last year, he’d be completely blind now. I had to turn the TV off near the end of the fourth quarter, when the stir of ecstasy began to waft from the LSU crowds. I couldn’t bear to watch them gloat and hold your trophy over their heads. On a more personal note, I now live in Oregon. There are a handful of Buckeyes here, but there are equal numbers of Michigan fans. I must now face them at my job, on the streets, and, frankly, I just don’t know what to say.

I leave you with two cliches: “there’s always next year” and “third time’s the charm.”

Faithfully yours,

OSU Class of ’86

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