Just when I thought it couldn’t get any stupider

Have you noticed I haven’t had any rants about the news in awhile? Well, this was just too hard to pass up. I’m trying SO hard not to think negatively about religion, but crap like this just makes me insane. A 54 year old British teacher went to Sudan to teach, probably out of the goodness of her heart and the desire to help out the ‘less fortunate.’ I dunno. Her 7-year old students adopted a teddy bear mascot whom she let name “Mohommed.” Now she’s in prison for “insulting religion” and thousands of protesters are in the streets, brandishing swords calling for her execution. Religion.Makes.People.Crazy.
And why are we spending all our time, money, resources, and lives in order to create ‘democracy’ among these people? Ain’t never gonna happen. They get in a snit over a teddy bear and a couple of cartoons. Obviously, they just need the slightest provocation to kill.
I’m done. It’s too ridiculous to go on.

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