Fangs A Lot

See the teeth. Great idea, huh? They go in with a wax mold that that spreads back to your molars. Ever have a crown fitted at the dentist or had x-rays and they put that gooey stuff in your mouth to make an impression? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. GAG.REFLEX. Nothing sexier than a gagging vampire. After the first 15 minutes of excessive saliva formation came the next 25 minutes of incessant gagging. That, I have to say, was the scariest part of my Halloween; waiting for Monica to hurl everywhere.
Somehow, she managed to keep it in check and the gagging subsided. She had a great time with her vampire persona.
“Next year,” she tells me, “you can wear the teeth.”
Oh, yes, I can’t tell you the appeal that has.

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