Happy Halloween!

Boo! Yes, I am alive. As some of you may already know, yours truly, Klutzo de Grace, somehow missed a step in the hallway stairs on her way to work on Saturday morning at 6am. The screams and crashes forced someone else to fly out of bed and come running to see what on earth just happened only to find lovely me crumbled on the landing holding my right ankle. I ended up as a patient in my own ER to get x-rayed which showed, thankfully, no broken bones. Nevertheless, it hurt pretty bad so I was given a very complicated splint, a pair of crutches, and a bottle of Percocet and sent home for the day. My personal nurse iced and wrapped me and instructed me to recline in a chair with my foot up. I took a half a Percocet and crashed for several hours, then got up and decided that this narcotic thing, once again, is not for me. I opted for the ibuprofen instead. I hate being “out of it” and dizzy with narcs. I woke up in time to watch Oregon beat up on USC and then, to my delight, the Buckeyes were on and I watched them take the game over Penn State.

After 3 days, I decided it was time to go back to work. The crutches, much to M’s dismay, are gone. It’s not as painful as you might expect. I know walking on it will slow the healing process. Blah blah blah. I don’t like to be controlled by my limitations so I often do things I’m not “supposed to.” Besides, this injury comes at a bad time because I have officially started my 700th battle of the bulge and my mind is pretty much set upon continuing. In spite of it all, I’ve lost 4 lbs this week so I’m happy about that.

Yesterday, I donned my Docs, for ankle support, and went back to work. They graciously put me in triage for 12 hours so I wasn’t running so much. Our triage is set up so the nurse never has to leave. There’s none of this running around, looking for beds and charts and taking people back to rooms. It’s all done by elves here. It’s great. All the nurse does is checks the patient in, interviews them and *poof* elves make them vanish into a room somewhere in the back.

While I was at work, M went shopping for her Halloween costume. The event is very popular here in Ashland so we are looking forward to our entry into the customs of the town. M got a fabulous black Goth dress, so photos will ensue, I promise. I, on the other hand, will pull something together at the last minute. Apparently, no one goes out unless they are dressed up.

Ok, have a fun and safe holiday.

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