If my mother had taken LSD….

Yes, it’s me. This is how I’d look if I was a hydrocephalic dwarf. Thankfully, I’m not. I feel that my life would somehow be very different.

It’s been raining here in southern Oregon. I guess we’re getting primed for winter. Today was sunny and about 70. The dogs were happy to get out on a walk, once again astonishing me with their capacity to defecate twofold what I feed them. I know that fascinates most of you.

My cat continues to get better. She’s eating everything in sight. I asked the vet if this was cause for concern and she assured me that she was probably just catching up from being half starved to death. She’s also very affectionate and loving to every other organism in this household. She loves cuddling with Cody, but Samson was a bit taken aback by her affections, especially when she tried to sit on his head. I think maybe she realizes we saved her life. It’s just too bad I’ll never be able to leave town as long as I live which means I will, most likely, be relinquished to live as the proverbial crazy cat lady. I know that my nieces and nephews will tell their friends one day about their “crazy aunt who lived somewhere in Orygun.” Well, for pete’s sake, someone has to be the eccentric around here.

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