Another Disgrace to American Sportsmanship

Move over dog-killer Michael Vick. Make room, you testosterone injecting loser, Floyd Landis. Step aside, Barry Bonds. There’s a new disgraced American athlete in town. Marion Jones is a lying, cheating disgrace.
Track “star” Marion Jones won five Olympic medals for the US team in 2000 recently admitted to using steroids during her run. She doesn’t deserve any of the medals that she won and the Olympic committee will most likely strip her of them. But what about the athletes who should have gotten those medals? What about the real winners who should have been able to experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of standing on the podium and having a Gold medal placed around their necks? They were robbed of their medals and their moment of glory that they probably worked their whole life to acheive. Do they get to sue Marion Jones for robbing them of millions of dollars of potential endoresements? That, I’m sure, will be next.

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