Jasper feeling Better

Jasper feeling Better
Originally uploaded by askrentj.

Jasper is acting more like herself. Finally. She still won’t drink water on her own, which is puzzling, but she will eat some things. She loves Honey Nut Cheerios and milk, tuna, and some baby foods, like turkey, chicken and lamb. We are still force-feeding her the nasty stinky food intermittently, but the smell is gagging both Monica and me. We are still giving her Subq fluids every day although she is a little less tolerant of that. She’s back to following us around and greeting us with a “meow” and purring when we hold her. She’s showing interest in Cody again and even nuzzled him and licked his ears the other night. No vomiting in over a week. Thankfully, she’s starting to groom herself again as well. Monica has been instrumental in getting her back to health since she’s proved to be the better forcefeeder and is “willing” to stick the needle in her back every day.

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