Oh, Damn, I left the Milk Out!

I am alive and kicking. Working way more than I want to be, for some reason. I’ve been laying low, but I just had to emerge to post this query:

I just want to know how the hell you “forget” about your 2 year old in a car all day while you’re busy picking up donuts! News from my hometown, no less. This 40 year old mother is the assistant principal at Glen Este High School near Cincinnati. I wish I had a job that let me drive around in a Mercedes SUV, but I digress. Does letting your 2 year old child die from heat stroke in a sweltering car affect one’s job dealing with other peoples’ children? Heck no. I don’t have kids, but I can tell you, I’d want MY kids being supervised by some moron who “accidently” kills her own kid. Sure thing. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that contributing to the death of you own child pretty much makes you incompetent to work in the education system. During the whole interview the cop is saying, “No one thinks you’re a bad mother, Brenda.” Uh, excuse me? Oh, poor stressed Brenda. She had to carry 96 donuts into school. All by herself. We should give her a break. She didn’t mean to kill her daughter. She just forgot about her. It was an accident Well, I, for one, declare:

Yes, Brenda, you ARE a bad mother

Oh, and is it just me or does her “distress” seem strained?


Is this woman nuts, or what? This is not a distraught mother. I work in the ER. I know what a distraught mother acts like. She acts like she left the milk out on the refrigerator all day and it accidently turned into sour cream. That’s how distressed she seems to me.

Ok, I’m back to my hole…..

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