Family Updates

I heard from my parents who are still in Scotland, apparently having a wonderful time in spite of the 60 degree temperatures. I posted my mom’s email on the family blog, Askren Voice
They will be back on August 20 and hopefully we’ll have some pictures to post.

News from Us:

Aside from working, we are trying to enjoy the last bits of summer. Monica made a trip to LA and San Diego a couple of weeks ago because her niece underwent an extensive surgery to correct a severe spinal curvature. her niece as Digeorge Syndrome which causes abnormalities in several body systems. Unfortunately, she has had complications with the surgery and has had to return to the OR several times. Pressure on the spinal cord has left her with paralysis. It has been a grueling and heartbreaking time for Monica and her family. We are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

Monica’s daughter, Kate, is returning to Uganda this summer. This time, she’s leading a team of 11 other young people to work on projects on research, healthcare, and education, primarily with children orphaned by the AIDS virus, which continues to take a devasting toll on the African people. You can learn more about her project at Tusubira.
Monica will be traveling to Seattle this coming weekend for a parent “send-off” to the team and is looking forward to meeting other parents and offer some encouragement and reassurance to those whose children will be forging into new horizons. The team departs on August 21 and will return September 18. Be safe and Godspeed to all of them!

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