Things That I Ponder

I took a ride today, seeing as it was 82 degrees, sunny, with blue skies and puffy white scattered clouds. I’ve been wanting to explore route 66 to Klamath Falls. Not that there’s anything in K Falls, but the road seemed nice and winding. As predicted, it was well paved, winding and barely a speck of traffic. I felt like it was my own personal road for most of the trip. There was one section, about 12 miles where the pavement was a little less smooth, kind of like riding on PopRocks. I loathe gravel so I took it a little slower. As I pulled into the small downtown area a fairly large barn owl flew in and landed right in front of the bike. I had seen something large flying toward me so I had slowed down to a near stop. Frankly, I’ve only seen owls in cages and I certainly haven’t ever seen one in glaring daylight, but this guy landed and sat right in the middle of the road and looked right at me. I felt like we had a moment. I wondered if it was some kind of omen or something. Of course, other people aren’t nearly as mesmerized and patient as I am so the horn-blowing sort of obliterated the mystique of the whole experience. I found a coffeeshop, ate a bagel and drank a cup of coffee before I headed back toward home.

When I ride, I think a lot. About all sorts of things. I think about how much I hate Paul McCartney and Wings. “someone’s knockin’ on the door, somebody’s ringin’ a bell..” What kind of crap is that? “Band on the run…” Yeech. I hate them. I hate their songs. It’s pretty obvious who the real songwriter in the Lennon-McCartney team was. I hate that John Lennon is dead. I also hate that Freddie Mercury is dead. It sucks. Maybe because I’m over 40 and they were both 40 when they died. This is one of the fun things about my relationships with Monica. Some random one-hit wonder from the 70’s, say like, “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” or “You are a magnet and I am steel” can come on the radio and we’ll laugh like crazy because we both KNOW ALL THE FREAKING WORDS.

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