Finally Decompressing

I have to say, spending large amounts of money can make a person feel so good. AAAAHHHH! Seriously, I’m thrilled with the new car.
Monica had a birthday yesterday. We’re the same age again. She goads me for the three months that I’m older than she is. To celebrate, we spent the day on the Rogue River on inflatable kayaks or “Tahitis”
Most of the river was class 2 rapids:
(the following 2 pictures are not us)

which was scary enough for the 2 of us. We took a 13 mile trip and there were 26 sets of rapids in the stretch. At one point, I accidentally got on the wrong side of one of the islands and Monica yelled, “You’re heading for a class III!”
class III rapids
But it was too late. I’d already committed and couldn’t escape so I went for it. It was a little scary and the boat’s bow went straight up, but I managed to stay in and, I have to admit, it was kind of fun. It was fun because I didn’t fall out and sustain a basal skull fracture. At one point we pulled over and found this little country store and had a drink. It was then that we noticed that one of the kayaks had printed on it: RAFT THE ROUGE. “Should we be concerned,” Monica asked, “that the company we rented from doesn’t even know the name of the river?”
“Maybe we’re on the wrong river,” I mused. Some of the time we shot each other with water cannons when we weren’t trying to navigate the rapids. It really was a fun time. The weather was sunny and hot. It was a perfect day.

Today, after Monica came home from work, I took her for a motorcycle ride up the mountain. Monica on Mt. Ashland
If you look closely, you can see Mt. Shasta in the background. It wasn’t nearly as cold as it was when I rode up there alone a few days ago.

Tami on Mt. Ashland
Yours truly at 6500 feet and still pink

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