Up Up and Away

Sunday June 10

After our motorcycle ride we rode to my brother, Sean’s, house in Middletown where his wife, Amy, made dinner for us. Sean took me, my sister and my niece for a balloon ride.

setting up
Dad shows Brandi how to lay out the balloon envelope for inflation.

We flew over mostly residential areas of Middletown. A short video
You can hear the burner in the background and listen to people calling for us to land. The dogs of the neighborhood usually go nuts. In reality, the ride is much smoother than how it appears on this video, so beware. It may be a bumpy ride.

lauren chasing
We got Brandi up in the balloon for the first time, but Lauren opted to chase with Amy.I usually charge thousands of dollars to advertise on my website, but I’m offering this FREE to my brother, as you can see.

We landed in a field just past the Quaker Chemical Company. I was a little (ok, a lot) concerned about flying over large white cylinders with splattered all over them whilst getting closer and closer with 30 million BTU’s of flame over my head. No one else seemed overly concerned so I tried to hide my terror as I waited with trepidation for a huge fireball to consume me. I thought about how impressive it would look and that I’d never actually see it happening.
rescued by a strangerBut alas, we landed without incident thanks to some strange guy who we let believe “rescued” us, even though we landed, as Sean said, “like a butterfly with sore feet.” This guy had actually fled the NASCAR on TV to chase us down. Very noble. Brandi survived her first flight even though she was a little concerned about coming so close to trees. We had to remind her that Uncle Sean has flown a balloon since he was about 13.
Thanks again to Sean and Amy for giving us a little lift!

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